About Us
Hello and welcome to GadgetTech Plus.  We are a family run company specializing in repairing, recycling and refreshing, your gadgets.  Cell phones, tablets, laptops, desk tops, TV's.  We sell minutes, plans, cell phones and accessories.
We have a reputation for offering a highly personalised and dedicated service.  We place great emphasis on building strong customer relationships and tailoring our approach to meet individual customer's needs. 
We are available after hours for emergency repairs.  Just give us a call.  We know when you cannot connect, it is almost impossible to function.  We are a electronic society.
We can build you a cell phone or fix your current cell phone.  Stop in and see what we have available.  If we do not have it, we will do our best to order the parts needed, to build what you need.
iPads, Kindles and other tablets are a part of our day to day life.  Our children play on them, we message on them, we use them as recipe books, facetime, etc.  If your tablet takes a swim or jumps off the desk, bring it in.  If you purchase a new one, bring in your old one.  We will transfer your data and recycle your old one.
Laptops are essential for our day to day convenience.  Job, household or school.  Don't let it stay down, bring it in.  We repair the screen, keyboard, system problems or we can transfer your data, to your new laptop.
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